Drain cleaning and drain unblocking services  open for business  during Covid 19  Crisis

Drain cleaning – Emergency drain service – City Drain open during Corona virus pandemic

Drain cleaning – Drain unblocking, Our sanitary drain cleaning services are Lawful and essential under the following criteria :

Electricity, Gas and Water

  • electric power generation, transmission and distribution
  • extraction and distribution of gas
  • water collection, treatment and supply
  • sewerage; waste collection, remediation activities and other waste management treatment and disposal activities

Call 1800 844112 for 24 hour advice and service on all drain services – Capital drains Dublin are Open for business and our full essential sanitary drain cleaning & drain unblocking services are available across the city and Dublin county.

FAQ’s about drain jetting and cleaning services during Covid 19

Are Drain cleaners open during Covid 19 ban and restrictions ?–  YES – all our staff are caring out the majority of tasks in a normal manor – Call office 0n 1800-844112 to check on how quickly we can provide you with emergency drain cleaning / jetting / unblocking / repair services. We are open as normal and no inflated charging for our best price hourly rate, Contact Capital drains for Covid 19 call out drain service, specialist in cleaning of surfaces / jet washing

Email our office for Covid 19 questions with regard to emergency drain cleaning services, drain repair, drain relining, drain CCTV survey, sewer unblocking and a wide range of essential services we continue to provide during the present non essential work lock down. email : info@capitaldrainservices.ie

Are there delays in Call out times to unblock drains or extra charges ?NO – We are experiencing increased demand for drain service during Corona virus crisis – to speed up call out please make contact asap to allow our team to provide you with earliest appointment  and call out, or hourly rate is still best value for best service across Dublin at €80 per hour ( +vat)*

What restrictions are required for drain services during Covid lock down ? All staff are taking all necessary precautions to ensure client / staff protection and to the maximum extent possible, tasks and internal company work is being done remotely while all activities both internally and externally are undertaken with regard and adherence to the latest public health guidance which is strictly followed at all times.

Many of our works can be carried out externally without interaction with homeowners & payments can be made by Credit card.

drain cleaning and unblocking company open during Covid 19  virus