City Drain – Relining service


Pipe Rehabilitation – Lateral Pipe Lining – Drain pipe repair


What is pipe re-lining or patch re-lining?

Patch Re-Lining or no dig repair is less expensive and cleaner than having to dig the area up, City Drain will carry this procedure out where possible to minimize disruption to the ground surrounding and beneath your property.


What is the pipe re-lining material ?

Patch relining is a resin mix soaked in a fibre glass mat approx 600mm long that is inserted into sewerage/drain pipe and set in place where CCTV has located a problem area such as a root infestation or damaged pipe works.

What are the benefits of patch re-lining ?

Trench less drain re-lining or cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), has become a leading pipe repair method throughout the drain repair sector. It’s the most affordable way to restore underground pipe lines without expensive landscaping – ground works – pipe trenching & pipe digging tasks.
• No damage to property, such as driveways and paths
• In most cases No identifying services such as power / ESB or GAS
• Reduced labor
• Substantially reduced works period
• Design lifespan exceeding 50 years
• Environmentally safe